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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – August 2023

Perennial Meadow at Hayefield [©Nancy J. Ondra/]

August brings such an embarrassment of riches, how could I ever narrow down the highlights of this month? While scrolling through the many photos I’ve taken, I finally noticed one particular group of plants that are contributing most to the show right now. So, welcome to the all-natives edition of August Bloom Day at Hayefield!

Even this narrow focus didn’t trim down the list as much as I thought it would. To be honest, I’m using a rather broad definition of “native”: as long as a species’ native range includes some part of North America, it qualified. Some of these have appeared on their own in my meadow areas; most, I have grown from seed. Oh, and I think there is one “nativar” (a named, vegetatively propagaed selection of a native species).

Even with all of these beauties, it took an immense amount of self control to not sneak in some of the other gorgeous non-natives strutting their stuff this month, so I indulged myself with one special addition at the very end of this post. I hope you enjoy the tour!

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