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Matchmaking with Bulbs – Part 2

In Part 1 of Matchmaking with Bulbs, I covered some ways of choosing flowering and foliage partners to create beautiful combinations with bulbs. Another way to choose companions is consider them from a practical angle: plants that will look good when the bulbs aren’t… Continue Reading “Matchmaking with Bulbs – Part 2”

Matchmaking with Hardy Bulbs – Part 1

When I was writing The Perennial Matchmaker, my original plan was to include an entire section devoted to combinations featuring hardy bulbs, but as the pages filled up with other perennials, I was lucky to keep even a few set aside for alliums and… Continue Reading “Matchmaking with Hardy Bulbs – Part 1”

The Perennial Matchmaker – A Chance to Win

It’s here! I’ve been experimenting with plant combinations, making notes, and gathering photographs for many years, and I wrote the first proposal for this book nearly a decade ago. I’m grateful to the folks at Rodale–where I started my career in publishing as a… Continue Reading “The Perennial Matchmaker – A Chance to Win”

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