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Make the Most of Self-Sowers (Part 2)

Last month, I started discussing one of my favorite kinds of seeds: the self-sowers.  Though they have a reputation for being easy, self-sowers tend to make their own rules, sometimes needing specific germination conditions and benefiting from a little custom care to work to… Continue Reading “Make the Most of Self-Sowers (Part 2)”

Make the Most of Self-Sowers (Part 1)

  First, a big thank-you to everyone who requested seeds through last month’s giveaway. Several hundred packets have, I hope, made it to new homes around the globe. (If you sent in a request and didn’t hear back from me, or if I confirmed… Continue Reading “Make the Most of Self-Sowers (Part 1)”

From My Garden to Yours 2020

[Please note that this year’s seed giveaway ended on January 25, 2020.] This month spotlights yet another wonderful reason to work with seeds: the pass-along factor. If you’re lucky enough to have local gardening friends, sharing your favorite plants is a simple matter. For… Continue Reading “From My Garden to Yours 2020”