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Fabulous Foliage from Seed: Purples and Reds

Whether you’re a fanatic for foliage-focused plantings or simply appreciate the many ways that colorful leaves can enhance your flowers, it can be hard to resist the latest anything-but-green perennials and woodies in nursery catalogs and garden-center displays. Take one look at the price… Continue Reading “Fabulous Foliage from Seed: Purples and Reds”

Purple Prose – Part 3

Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra Purple foliage lends itself so well to high-contrast plant pairings that it seems almost a waste to try it in quieter combinations. In my garden, this usually happens only by accident: The purple foliage is there waiting for… Continue Reading “Purple Prose – Part 3”

Purple Prose – Part 2

Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra Every few months, I start a new list of garden projects I’d like to try. It would be better if I’d keep just one running list, because the many small bits of paper scattered over my desk get… Continue Reading “Purple Prose – Part 2”

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