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Picture This – In the Frame

When you’re photographing plants and gardens, it’s natural to focus your attention on what’s in the center of the picture. Taking a few seconds to consider the “frame”—the edges of the image—before you shoot can help to enhance the entire photograph. One thing to… Continue Reading “Picture This – In the Frame”

In the Field

In anticipation of the upcoming Earth Day (April 22, 2010), Jan over at Thanks for Today is asking her fellow garden bloggers to post about what they’re doing to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, as part of her Garden Bloggers Sustainable Living Project. Her… Continue Reading “In the Field”

A Nod to Le Plume

Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra What a tough time of year to be a garden blogger: so many things to write about, and so little time to write. It was tempting to wait one more week to post for Bloom Day and try… Continue Reading “A Nod to Le Plume”

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