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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2023

A month later and I’m still relying on the calendar to tell me what the date is, because the seasons are colliding. Chilly nights (we may still be flirting with frost this coming week—yikes!) have slowed the planting-out process, which has in turn delayed potting up seedlings, because all of my pots are full. It’s been so dry that I have to water to soften the soil before planting, then water again to keep all of the planted seedlings alive. I’m still cleaning and packing seeds from 2022 to fill orders, and about 10 days ago, the 2023 seed harvesting season began. I hope that things will get back in sync by next month. In the meantime, this Bloom Day post will have to be a quick one. That means my virtual garden journal of what looks good each month won’t be complete, but it’s better than missing the day altogether.

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