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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – July 2023

Perennial border at Hayefield in July 2023 [©Nancy J. Ondra/]

First, a bouquet to all of you who didn’t want to tell me about my big mistake last month. I’ve been participating in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day since 2007, and each time I wrote a new post, I worried about putting the wrong date on it. I had a good run but finally messed up by labeling last month’s post as July instead of June. Oh well; the world didn’t end, and now it’s July for real, and there’s lots going on in the garden, thanks to a good amount of rain and heat that is making me wilt but most of the plants quite happy. This month, I’m going to present the highlights in three categories: non-native flowers, native flowers, and new-to-me-in-2023 plants.

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