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See the Movie or Read the Book – or Both!

Hayefield late December 2012

The calendar says it’s just turned winter, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re already well on our way to spring. I used to wait until March to do my outdoor cleanup, trying to get every last bit of enjoyment out of the garden before giving up on the previous year’s display. Unfortunately, the voles also got a great deal of enjoyment out of that approach, and I eventually had to switch to cutting down both the garden and meadow in mid- to late fall so the voles were forced to find other places to spend the winter.

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Turning Your Garden Blog into an E-book

Offbeat Edibles coverClearly, I don’t have enough to do, if I have time to be playing around with e-publishing options. But it’s cold and snowing out (April Fool’s Day, indeed), and though I do have real work to do, investigating the world of e-books is way more absorbing at the moment. I’ve been surprised at how easy it is to create one, and I thought the rest of you might be interested in reading about some of the options I’ve found and experimented with.

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