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Shear Genius

Professional gardener Tim Ondra at

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my brother here before, and shame on me for that. If it weren’t for him, I probably would have ended up with a rather different career path, in field crop or soil science instead of getting to enjoy gardening as both work and play. While his main life passion is playing ice hockey and training goaltenders at his school (Tim Ondra Goalie Training Center), he has also worked as a professional gardener since he was a teenager, and he got me my first estate-gardening job over 25 years ago, when I needed work experience for my agronomy degree. In the decades he’s been gardening, I’ve never known him to get excited about a new tool, so when he stopped by last month with a new pair of shears he said I had to try, I wasn’t quite sure what to think.

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The Garden Cleanup Conundrum

Courtyard garden at Hayefield Aug 26 09

With all of the recent activity at Gardening Gone Wild, you folks are probably getting tired of hearing from me. But in case you’re interested, I have a guest post over at Inside Storey: The Garden Cleanup Conundrum.