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Filling in for Fall

No matter how carefully I plan, no matter how perfect the growing conditions, it’s inevitable that I find gaps in the garden in late summer. Clearly, I’m not alone, or there wouldn’t be such a market for potted mums in September. Thing is, it’s… Continue Reading “Filling in for Fall”

Sow-Hoe Gardens

Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra A month or two ago, I read a blog post somewhere on low-maintenance gardening, and one of the tips was to avoid self-sowing plants. I’ve been pondering that ever since. In many ways I agree wholeheartedly, especially in… Continue Reading “Sow-Hoe Gardens”

Three Neat Plants – Late July

  Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra First, I’d like to welcome all of the new readers to Hayefield. As some of you who have been here before guessed, the special garden visitor I mentioned in my last post was Anne Raver of the… Continue Reading “Three Neat Plants – Late July”

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