Shipping Information

Shipping for all Hayefield seed orders is currently a flat fee of $3.45. (It is normally $3.15, but I have had to raise the price temporarily due to the USPS increasing commercial rates through the holiday season.) That includes USPS First-Class shipping with a tracking number and a padded 7″ x 9″ envelope to protect your seeds.

All orders are shipped to the address provided on your Hayefield order at the time of purchase. Please make sure the mailing address you provide is correct and up to date. If you would like me to send your order as a gift to a different address, without an invoice, leave a note for me when you place the order.

Orders are usually packed within a few hours and shipped out in 1 to 2 business days. The time for delivery will depend on your location and is beyond my control..

It is the responsibility of you (the buyer) to provide a secure place for package delivery. If you claim that an item didn’t arrive but the USPS tracking information shows that the item has been delivered, Hayefield isn’t responsible for any refunds.

Hayefield items ship only within the U.S.. (Please note that I cannot ship cotton seeds to California, Georgia, or South Carolina, per USDA restrictions.)

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