Shipping Information

Hayefield items ship only within the U.S.. Shipping cost is a flat fee of $3.25, regardless of how many seeds you order. (Please note that I cannot ship cotton seeds to California, Georgia, or South Carolina, per USDA restrictions.) If you live outside of the U.S. and wish to place an order, email me at to discuss the possibility. At this time, though, I don’t feel it is worth trying to send orders outside of North America, due to significant postal delays and the great likelihood that an order would be lost en route or arrive too late to be of use. I have already lost a good deal of money refunding delayed orders since the pandemic began and can’t afford to lose more.

All orders are shipped to the address provided on your Hayefield order at the time of purchase. Please make sure the mailing address you provide is correct and up to date. If you would like me to send your order as a gift to a different address, without an invoice, leave a note for me when you place the order.

I normally ship orders in a 7×9-inch brown kraft bubble mailer (i.e. a paper mailer lined with plastic bubble wrap) to protect your seeds. If you would prefer a biodegradable mailer, leave me a note when you place your order. I cannot guarantee that the biodegradable mailer will provide the same level of protection for your seeds, though.

I usually pack orders within 12 hours of receipt and ship them out in 1 to 2 business days. The time for delivery will depend on your location. With the current postal delays, it could be days or it could be weeks; that is beyond my control. I do provide USPS tracking information to each buyer, so you can monitor the progress of your order.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide a secure place for package delivery. If you claim that an item didn’t arrive but the USPS tracking information shows that the item has been delivered, I am not responsible for any refunds. Please check with your neighbors to see if they got the package by mistake, contact your local Post Office directly, or file a Missing Mail report through the USPS (Find Missing Mail).

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