Returns, Refunds, and Reviews

About Returns and Refunds

If you wish to cancel your order right after you place it, please contact me (by email or through my Contact page) immediately. If I receive your cancellation before your package gets picked up by USPS, I will arrange for you to receive a refund to your original payment method within 24 hours, less whatever credit-card processing fee I get charged. If it has already shipped, you can return the unopened package to me (write “”Refused” on the outside and put it back in your mailbox) and I will send you a full refund once I get it back.

Obviously, returning already-sown seeds isn’t an option. But if you are not pleased with how they perform for you, please contact me and let’s talk about it. If we agree it is appropriate, I will arrange for you to receive a refund for the purchase price of the seeds you are unhappy with, or replacement seeds if you are open to that and they are still available. But, please note that most of the seeds I sell here are challenging to germinate. Many need special treatment, like nicking and/or soaking or a chilling (moist-and-cold) period, and some may take months or even more than a year to sprout. I encourage you to experiment with different germination techniques, if you want, but if you choose to sow in a way that does not follow my recommendations, or if you don’t read the germination advice I’ve provided before you sow, then don’t ask me to give you your money back if they don’t sprout.

I’ll also note that I use the same seeds that I sell to start my own plants for the next year’s seed harvest, and I keep careful sowing records. If you tell me that your seeds didn’t sprout or germinated poorly but I got good results from my sowing, then sorry, I won’t give you a refund, as I know the seeds themselves are fine. On the other hand, if I get poor germination, I may contact you to see if you too got poor results and offer you a refund or store credit.

About Hayefield Reviews

As far as reviews…well, for a while, my site was sending automatic review reminders to customers, but I have since disabled that. One reason is that I personally find it annoying to get review requests after I make online purchases, and I don’t want to be annoying! Also, it’s hard to figure out exactly when to send a reminder. If you get it soon after you get your seeds, you can only comment on the order fulfillment and shipping; even if you get it weeks or months later, some seeds may not have germinated yet.

I really do appreciate getting reviews, though, and other potential customers find them helpful, so I’d be very happy if you would be willing to come back here at some point and leave an honest review of your experience with the seeds. If you choose to talk about your experience with my seeds on other sites, that’s obviously fine too; better than fine if it’s good things. Just…please…if you aren’t happy, contact me directly as well so I can have the opportunity to make it right with you with a refund, a shop credit, or replacements. I want you to be happy with your seeds!

For my part, I make every effort to send you fresh, well-cleaned, properly identified, viable seeds from my most recent harvest. Sometimes, things happen beyond my control, though: pollinators may cross plants that I thought were sufficiently isolated, genetic quirks may produce off-type plants, or the occasional stray seed may get mixed in with another type of seed, for example. I also can’t control what happens during shipping or delivery. (Seeds are pretty tough, but exposure to extreme temperatures in transit or in your mailbox could be an issue.) And, it’s not up to me when, where, or how you choose to sow, what containers and growing medium you use, or how you handle germination conditions like temperature, humidity, air circulation, and pest and disease prevention.

Also, the problem with offering uncommon seeds is that they are generally uncommon for a good reason: often because they are inherently challenging to grow. I do my best to provide appropriate germination guidelines for each kind of seed right in the website listing—based on first-hand experience whenever possible—so you know what you’re getting into before you spend your money. But there often isn’t much dependable information available on germinating particularly rare seeds, so some of these species may require some experimentation on your part. If you aren’t willing to deal with challenging protocols like alternating warm-and-cold periods or can’t accept that germination times that can extend past a year or more, please don’t buy the seeds to begin with.

All that being said…those of you taking the time to read this far are the kind of people I’d really like to connect with. Selling these seeds is not about making big profits, but about being the kind of seed company that I like to do business with as a shopper. If you have suggestions about site features you’d like to see or specific seeds or resources you’d like to find here, don’t hesitate to get in touch!