Zea mays var. japonica (Striped Corn) [20 Seeds]


Cannot ship to Nevada or Washington.

Germination Information: You could, if you wish, start the seeds 1/2″ deep indoors in pots in early to mid-spring (figure three seeds in each 3- to 4-inch pot), then transplant the seedlings (still in their trios) after all danger of frost has passed. That approach is a good one if you want to include striped corn in a container, or if you need to control the specific placement in the garden. Otherwise, it’s much easier to sow the seeds outdoors in late spring.

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Please read the description as well before ordering.

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Cannot ship to Nevada or Washington.

This colorful corn is technically a type of flint corn or popcorn, but you will grow it for its spectacularly striped leaves, not its grain. The fast-growing stalks top out somewhere between 4 and 6 feet by mid to late summer, then produce tassels and (if pollination takes place) ears of deep red to burgundy kernels. Throughout its life cycle, its leaves are striped from stalk to tip with white and various shades of green, along with some pink as the season progresses. The amount and vibrancy of the markings vary from leaf to leaf and plant to plant over the course of the season. The tall stalks are excellent as an unexpected accent in a flower garden, or as a single-season filler for height in a young perennial border. They can also grow in large containers, though they’ll be shorter there. Full sun. Annual.

Please note: I acquired a previous generation of these seeds in 2018 under the name ‘Wintergreen’, which was supposed to be only white and green. The resulting plants, however, turned out exactly like what I’ve grown other times under the names Zea mays var. japonica, ‘Japonica’, ‘Striped Japonica’, ‘Japonica Striped’, ‘Variegata’, ‘Quadricolor’, striped maize, and striped Japanese maize. So, I’m offering these seeds under the common and botanical name I know best.

Harvested from mid August to early September 2022. At least 20 seeds.

Again, cannot ship to NV or WA.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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