Strophostyles helvola (Amberique Bean) [15 Seeds]


Germination Information: Sow the seeds about 1/4 inch deep in a pot in late winter. Set it outside to get a chilling period and germinate when conditions are right, or enclose the pot in a plastic bag and refrigerate it for about a month before moving it to a warm, bright place.

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Amberique bean (Stropohostyles helvola or S. helvula), also known as trailing fuzzybean or trailing wild bean, is worth a look if you’re hunting for an unusual annual vine, or if you’re focusing on native plants for your garden. If there is not a trellis or a taller companion close by, the plants will trail along the ground. Given support, this twining vine can grow to about 8 feet tall (possibly taller in rich soil), with small, white to pink flowers that mature into slender pods filled with fuzzy, pink-tinged seeds. It grows wild in much of the eastern half of North America. I collected these seeds from plants that appeared on their own in my meadow in Bucks County, PA. Full sun. Annual. Be aware that this species can self-sow freely if you don’t remove the drying pods before they pop open.

Harvested in September and October 2020. At least 15 seeds.


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