Streptanthus farnsworthianus (Farnsworth’s Jewel Flower) [15 Seeds]


Germination Information: Based on my experience with growing Farnsworth’s jewel flower from seed, I recommend sowing in a pot indoors, under lights, in early to mid spring. Barely cover the seeds with growing medium, or just press them into the surface. I sowed on March 1 on a heat mat, and the first sprouts appeared on March 4. I suspect the seedlings would not be happy if they were crowded and then had to be separated and potted on before transplanting. I sow 3 to 5 seeds in each 3.5″ pot and transplant them to the garden as a group, and that approach works well for me, producing a showy clump. You could try direct-sowing instead, but I can’t give you any details on that.

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I grew Farnsworth’s jewel flower (Streptanthus farnsworthianus) for the first time in 2021. Though the species is native to California, it is indeed a gem even here in Pennsylvania. It starts out as a clump of deeply cut green leaves, then sends up slender flowering stems that reach about 18 inches tall. Along those stems, there are small but charming, creamy white blooms that have purple calyces, along with broad bracts that start out green and gradually turn a dusty plum purple to rich violet, making a beautiful contrast to the pale blooms. Farnsworth’s jewel flower produces a really nice show for several weeks in early summer. It’s no in-your-face zinnia or sunflower, but if you enjoy growing uncommon annuals, it’s a neat oddity to try. It apparently grows in poor, dry soil in its native habitat, but give it a spot with good garden soil and enjoy watching it thrive. Full sun. Annual.

Harvested in late June and early July 2023. At least 15 seeds. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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