Silene dioica ‘Ray’s Golden Campion’ (Red Campion) [25 Seeds]


Germination Information: Generally, these seeds germinate easily, within 2 to 3 weeks in warm conditions. I recommend sowing ‘Ray’s Golden Campion’ indoors in midwinter into spring or outdoors in spring or summer, in pots or in a holding bed. Just barely cover them with soil. Carefully snip or pull out any green-leaved seedlings as soon as they appear, because they will be much more vigorous and can quickly outgrow the yellow ones. Transplant the yellow seedlings to your garden in early fall for a wonderful show next spring.




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‘Ray’s Golden Campion’ red campion (Silene dioica) is a beautiful biennial or short-lived perennial for the early-season garden in full sun to partial shade. Its dense mounds of vibrant yellow leaves send up 1- to 2-foot-tall, branching stems that carry an abundance of bright pink flowers from early or mid spring through late spring. Some plants produce only male flowers (these tend to bloom a few weeks longer, into early summer); others produce only female flowers (these produce seed if you also have male plants). Red campion tends to act like a biennial or a short-lived perennial. It is reportedly hardy in Zones 5 to 8.

I collected these seeds in mid-June 2020, from golden-leaved plants growing at least 20 feet from any green-leaved Silene dioica. Even with that, it is likely that some of the seeds will produce green-leaved plants, which I recommend removing and discarding if you want to try to keep the strain as golden as possible. Each packet contains at least 25 seeds.


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