Silene coronaria (Rose Campion) [20 Seeds]


Germination Information: Start the seeds—gently pressed into the surface of the growing medium—in pots indoors in late winter to mid spring or outdoors from late spring to midsummer.

Note that this information will not appear on the seed packet you receive.

Please read the description as well before ordering.

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Rose campion (Silene coronaria, formerly Lychnis coronaria), also known as mullein pink, starts out as basal rosettes of silver-hairy foliage the first year, then sends up 2- to 3-foot-tall, branching stems topped with single, magenta flowers in early summer starting in the second year. This old-fashioned favorite is a classic for cottage-style gardens. Full sun. Though the individual plants usually behave as short-lived perennials, they tend to self-sow if you allow the seeds to form, so you can have have them around for years from just one sowing. Zone 3 to 9.

Collected in mid July to mid August July 2023. At least 20 seeds. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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