Sempervivum spp. (Hens and Chicks) [25 Seeds]

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Germination Information: I recommend these for experienced seed-sowers only, because they are very tiny and require careful handling. Surface-sow the seeds (pressed into the moist growing medium) indoors anytime and set them in a warm, bright place. They usually sprout within a month or so. If they don’t, put the pot in a plastic bag and refrigerate it for about a month before returning it to a warm, bright place.

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Please read the description as well before ordering.

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Some plants are so easy to propagate vegetatively that starting with seeds seems a bit pointless. Still, once you get hooked on growing from seed, it’s tempting to try them just because you can. To that end, I offer these seeds I collected from my collection of hens and chicks, or houseleeks: mostly Sempervivum tectorum but possibly some S. arachnoideum as well. Expect the usual pointy-leaved, evergreen, 3- to 6-inch rosettes: they may be solid green or have a reddish blush, edges, or tips. (The photos here show some of the plants these seeds are from. I can’t guarantee what the offspring will look like.) Mature rosettes send up plump stalks topped with a cluster of starry pink flowers. Full sun to light shade. Perennial; usually Zones 5 to 9.

Collected in September and October 2020. At least 25 seeds.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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