Pseudofumaria lutea (Yellow Corydalis) [15 Seeds]


Germination Information: I recommend these seeds for experienced seed-starters only, because they may take a good bit of patience. For a plant that self-sows so easily, it can be challenging to get it going from seed. I suggest surface-sowing as soon as you get the seeds and leaving the pot outdoors to germinate when conditions are right. Apparently the seeds need alternating warm-moist and cool-moist periods, which are easy to provide naturally by sowing in mid- to late summer and leaving them outdoors through the winter. If you outdoor-sow in fall or winter, the seedlings might not appear until next fall or the following spring. (You could try to speed things along by sowing indoors from fall to early winter, keeping the seeds warm and moist for about 2 months, and then moving the pot outdoors to provide the chilling period.)

I’ll also note that plants I start from seed and then transplant tend to stay small and somewhat scrawny—nowhere near as lush as plants that come up on their own in spots where they are happy. (They absolutely LOVE growing in gravel, it seems.) So, don’t be disappointed in the seedlings you end up with; just be patient and you will eventually get to see what this plant can really do.

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Yellow corydalis (Pseudofumaria lutea, formerly Corydalis lutea) can be a little challenging to get established, but once it finds a place it likes in your garden, it’s a winner. The mounds of lacy, blue-green leaves reach about 1 foot tall (possibly to about 18 inches in optimal growing conditions), with abundant clusters of yellow flowers held just above the leaves from mid- or late spring well into fall. (In hot climates, they may take a break from flowering in summer but will bounce back when cooler weather returns.) Individual plants may be short-lived, but the plants self-sow freely and have a delightful way of popping up in unexpected places. The plants can adapt to a variety of growing conditions, from sun to shade. Perennial; Zones 4 or 5 to 8.

Collected starting in late July 2023. At least 15 seeds per packet. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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