Polanisia dodecandra (Redwhisker Clammyweed) [20 Seeds]


Germination Information: Sometimes these seeds germinate quickly when sown in warm conditions, but giving them a chilling period seems to produce more reliable results. I recommend sowing (about 1/4″ deep) outdoors in late fall to early spring, so they get exposed to cold temperatures and can then sprout when they’re ready.

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Commonly known as redwhisker clammyweed or dwarf cleome, this easy annual grows to about 2 feet tall and blooms from midsummer into fall. The white flowers have long, pinkish stamens that give them a whiskery appearance. The name “clammy” part of the common name comes from the stickiness of the leaves and stems and “weed” from the fact that it can self-sow freely, but here, at least, it’s never been troublesome. U.S. native. Full sun.

Harvested in September 2020. At least 20 seeds.


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