Phaseolus lunatus ‘Ping Zebra’ (Pole Lima Bean) [10 Seeds]


Germination Information: I suggest sowing the seeds directly in your garden, about 1 inch deep and 2 to 4 inches apart, a week or two after your last frost date. Be sure to provide some sort of support for the twining stems; they can climb 6 to 9 feet if space allows.

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Aren’t these seeds beautiful? To be honest, I can’t tell you how they taste: My goal is to save as many of them as possible so they can get to other gardeners. The twining vines need a long growing season and produce most abundantly during hot, dry conditions (at least here in PA, where they generally wait until right around the first frost to mature). There’s very little information out there about ‘Ping Zebra’ from other sources. If you enjoy growing unusual beans, this one would be a good one to try!

I harvested these seeds from my plants in late October and early November of 2020. I got very few to ripen before frost this year, unfortunately, but the vines were lush and healthy-looking, and I’m selling only the best-looking seeds. Each packet contains at least 10 seeds.


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