Phacelia purshii ‘Hayefield Gold’ (Miami Mist) [12 Seeds]


Germination Information: Sow about 1/8 inch deep outdoors in summer to early fall for germination in early to late fall. Remove any all-green seedlings that appear; otherwise, they will outgrow and smother the golden or variegated ones. The small seedlings will overwinter and then produce their ferny foliage and beautiful blooms in spring.

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The species form of Miami mist (Phacelia purshii) is lovely in its own right, with fringed blue flowers over lacy green leaves in spring. This eastern US-native “winter annual” dies after setting seed in early summer; then seedlings appear in fall, grow  through the winter and early spring, and flower in mid- to late spring the next year. In fall of 2022, I found some yellow-leaved seedlings among the green ones, and I transplanted them to a separate area. By spring, I could see that some had solid yellow leaves and some had green-and-yellow variegated foliage. Their flowers looked like those of the species, but smaller: in scale with the rest of the plants, which were significantly smaller than the species plants. Total height in bloom for these variants was about 6 inches.  They didn’t produce much seed, and since this is my first year gathering them, I don’t know for sure what their seedlings might look like. I’m offering these only for collectors who really appreciate natural variants of native species and are open to unpredictable results. Light all day shade or some morning sun and protection from strong mid-day and afternoon sun. Winter annual.

Collected in mid June 2023. At least 12 seeds. PA ecotype. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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