Mirabilis jalapa ‘Alba’ (White-Flowered Four-o’Clock) [12 Seeds]


Germination Information: Sow the seeds about 1/2″ deep. Plant indoors in early to mid spring and set in a warm, bright place, or direct-sow after your last frost date.

Note that this information will not appear on the seed packet you receive.

Please read the description as well before ordering.

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White-flowered four-o’clocks (Mirabilis jalapa ‘Alba’) produce bushy, free-flowering plants that usually reach about 3 feet tall (though possibly to around 6 feet in ideal conditions) and bloom for months, from midsummer to frost. The tubular flowers open from late afternoon to early morning and are outstanding for evening fragrance in a “moon garden.” Full sun for best flowering. Four-o’clocks may be perennial in Zone 8 and south but are most often grown as annuals.

Harvested in July through September 2023. At least 12 seeds. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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