Medium Organza Bag [5 Bags]


These ultra-lightweight mesh bags have multiple uses for seed-savers:

  • Preventing cross-pollination of flowers (on squash, for example)
  • Protecting buds, flowers, and developing seedheads from slugs, insects, birds, and other pests
  • Enclosing developing seedheads to catch maturing seeds that easily blow away (like those of milkweeds) or that ripen unevenly (as on carrots)
  • Catching seeds from pods that drop or fling their seeds when they split or pop open (as on corydalis and euphorbias, for example)
  • Holding pods or seeds for easy hanging to dry

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These medium-sized, reusable organza bags measure approximately 6 inches by 9 inches and have a drawstring closure. This listing is for 5 bags.


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