Lathyrus chloranthus (Yellow Sweet Pea) [12 Seeds]


Germination Information: To be honest, I find these seeds challenging to get started. The usual advice is to nick the seeds and soak them overnight before sowing indoors (1/4 to 1/2″ deep) in warm, bright conditions in mid-spring; or, sow directly where you want them to grow in early to mid spring.

That being said, I find the plants grow best here from self-sown seedlings, so you could try direct-sowing in fall or winter and see how that works for you. Or, try the winter-sowing approach.

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Please read the description as well before ordering.

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Lathyrus chloranthus is a seldom-seen species of sweet pea in a color you don’t expect: some blooms are clear yellow and others develop orange shading. The 2020 growing season was the first time I tried this beauty in my garden. I didn’t expect much from it and was pleasantly surprised by its performance: the seeds produced good-looking, vigorous, well-branched vines with abundant, light green to grayish green foliage, and flowers appeared from early summer into early September.

Don’t expect a traffic-stopping bloom display—the flowers are on the small side—and unlike more commonly grown sweet peas, this one does not have any fragrance. It’s still worth growing for its rarity and its uncommon color. I think this species would look great on a tripod of stakes in a large container, where the blooms would be closer to eye level. It also makes a great cover for wire or chain-link fencing. Here, it usually reaches somewhere around 4 to 5 feet tall but can get bigger in moist, rich soil. Full sun (in cooler areas, at least; my plants did well with shade during the hottest part of the day). Annual.

Collected in Mid to late July 2022. At least 12 seeds.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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