Jaltomata procumbens (Creeping False Holly) [15 Seeds]


Germination Information: Start these seeds indoors in late winter to late spring . Sow about 1/4 inch deep and set the pot in a warm, bright place for germination. Providing supplemental warmth with a heat mat can encourage germination. Move the plants outdoors after your last frost date.

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Despite its common name of creeping false holly, this plant does not have a creeping habit: it produces upright to somewhat sprawling, 2- to 4-foot-tall stems. And, it has no close relation to the shrub better known as false holly (Osmanthus): Jaltomata procumbens is in the same botanical family as potatoes and tomatoes. The name confusion aside, creeping false holly is worth considering if you enjoy growing unusual edibles, for its somewhat sweet, seedy, blueberry-sized fruits, which are edible raw or cooked when mature (glossy purple-black). Grow it in containers or in the ground. Full sun. Annual. May self-sow.

Harvested in September 2020. At least 15 seeds.


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