Hibiscus trionum (New Zealand Hibiscus) [20 Seeds]

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Germination Information: Though New Zealand hibiscus reseeds readily, it can be challenging to first get it started. To give the seeds an early start, you could sow them indoors, about 1/4″ deep, in warm conditions in early to mid spring. It’s just as easy to start them outdoors, though: in a pot set outside in early to mid spring to germinate when conditions are right or directly in the garden in late spring. Germination tends to be slow and irregular, possibly taking a month or more.

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Cannot ship to Colorado, Washington, or Wyoming.

New Zealand hibiscus (Hibiscus trionum) produces near-white to pale yellow, dark-eyed flowers through the summer into fall; to about 2 feet tall. Its blooms may be lightly blushed with pink on the outside, depending on weather conditions. It gets another of its common names, flower of an hour, because it’s usually open just in the morning; new blooms come along each day, though. They are followed by interesting, translucent seedpods. Some folks adore the beautiful flowers; others curse the plant as a weed because of its ability to self-sow freely—just so you know. Full sun. Perennial in frost-free climates; grows easily as an annual anywhere.

Collected in August 2022. At least 20 seeds. Shipping to US addresses only; cannot ship to CO, WA, or WY.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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