Fritillaria meleagris (Checkered Lily) [30 Seeds]

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Germination Information: I recommend these seeds only for gardeners who have experience with challenging perennial seeds, because they have an extended germination period and require a good bit of patience. Plant the seeds as soon as you get them—ideally, from midsummer through mid-fall—sowing in a pot on top of moist growing medium and covering them with a layer of sand or grit. Set the pot outside so the seeds can get a few months of warmth and a few months of chilling and then germinate when conditions are right. If no seedlings appear the first summer, keep the pot through an additional year.

Note that this information will not appear on the seed packet you receive.

Please read the description as well before ordering.

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Checkered lily (Fritillaria meleagris), also known as guinea-hen lily and snake’s-head fritillary, is a spring-blooming bulb with slender green leaves and slender, upright stems to about 1 foot tall, topped with nodding blooms. It’s lovely in shaded or woodland gardens, flowering around the same time as hybrid Lenten roses (Helleborus x hybridus). This seed is likely to produce a mix of reddish purple and white flowers; the whites may be checkered or solid. The plants produce seed and then go dormant in early summer. If you let the seeds drop, or scatter them in new spots, you can end up with nice patches after several years. Perennial; Zones 3 or 4 to 9.

Collected in late May 2023. Each packet contains at least 30 seeds. Be aware that they are very thin and papery; that’s normal. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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1 review for Fritillaria meleagris (Checkered Lily) [30 Seeds]

  1. Deanna (verified owner)

    I purchased these in fall 2020. Due to my cold climate, I sowed them in a milk jug and kept them inside and warm for about 2 months. Then they went outside for a significant chilling period. I was thrilled to see great germination this year, but, unfortunately, my sloppy watering had washed the seeds down the sides of the jug between the plastic and potting soil. The certainly did germinate well, but few could take hold in that location. I would like to purchase more, and this time I’ll be more careful about watering. The seeds are wide and flat, so they are easily set afloat when watered. Five stars because Nancy’s part of the job was successful. One star for my part of the job!

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