Euthamia graminifolia (Grass-Leaved Goldenrod) [25 Seeds]


Germination Information: I recommend these only for gardeners who have experience with seeds that benefit from or require a chilling period to germinate.

The easiest approach is to surface-sow the seeds in a pot in fall to early winter, setting them outdoors in a spot protected from mice and slugs so they can get a natural chilling period and then germinate when conditions are right in spring. (The winter-sowing technique is a great option.)

If you sow after December, give the pot of sown seeds an artificial chilling period of about 2 months.

It is possible that these seeds could germinate if you start them in a pot in warm, moist, bright conditions. But if you try that and no seedlings appear within a month or so, then try giving an artificial chilling period before moving the pot back to warmth and light.

Note that this information will not be on the seed packet you receive.

Please read the description as well before ordering.

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Known formerly as Solidago graminifolia and currently as Euthamia graminifolia, this pretty meadow perennial is still commonly called grass-leaved goldenrod or flat-top goldenrod. Both of those common names point out its distinctive features: relatively long, slender leaves (though you wouldn’t mistake them for true grasses) and flat-topped clusters of bright yellow blooms in late summer to early fall. Typically reaching 2 to 3 feet tall, this species offers the same pollinator-drawing features of other goldenrods but a different look. Be aware that it can spread aggressively by creeping roots in loose soil, so it’s not a good choice for a typical perennial border (I can tell you that from personal experience!) but fine in a meadow or naturalistic planting where competition from other plants will help to control its vigor. Grass-leaved goldenrod is native to many parts of North America; this seed is from wild plants growing in my meadow in Bucks County, PA.  Full sun; average to moist soil. Perennial; Zones 3 to 9.

Collected in mid to late October 2023. At least 25 seeds. PA ecotype. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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