Emilia javanica ‘Irish Poet’ (Tassel Flower) [25 Seeds]


Germination information: Start the seeds indoors (just barely cover them) in warm, bright conditions in mid- to late spring. I use around 6 seeds in each 3- to 4-inch pot and transplant the entire pot of seedlings together to minimize root disturbance. Or, you could sow the seeds directly in your garden after your last frost date. You’ll likely find that direct-sown or self-sown seedlings will produce much sturdier stems than transplants.


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‘Irish Poet’ tassel flower (Emilia javanica or E. coccinea) produces small, tufted, brilliant orange flower clusters atop 2-foot-tall stems. My plants are frequently visited by monarchs and other butterflies. Tassel flower stems are very slender and can be a bit sprawly, so they tend to work best tucked among other plants that can provide some support. Remove the spent flowers to extend the bloom period, or let the seeds form; the first plants of the season may self-sow in midsummer to produce new plants and fresh blooms for late summer to frost. Best in full sun. Annual.

Harvested in fall July to October 2020. At least 30 seeds.


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