Dioscorea batatas ‘Variegata’ (Variegated Cinnamon Vine) [10 Tubercles]


Germination Information: These tubercles are ready to start growing as soon as they get warmth and moisture. Plant them about 1/2 inch deep in moist potting soil. If you are purchasing them in fall or winter, I suggest keeping them in the packet in a cool, dark place until late winter or spring, unless you have a greenhouse or sunny window and can get them growing right away. Check stored tubercles every few weeks to make sure they are not shriveling up (in that case, soak them in water for a few minutes before letting them drain and storing them again) or starting to grow (in that case, it’s best to plant them).

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Variegated cinnamon vine (Dioscorea batatas [batatus] ‘Variegata’, D. oppositifolia ‘Variegata’, or D. polystachya ‘Variegata’) produces large tubers that send up twining stems that can eventually reach 12 or more feet tall, with glossy, heart-shaped leaves that are speckled and streaked with white. The variegation may appear quickly, or once the vines are a few feet tall, or not until later in the growing season. This vine also produces small white, not-showy flowers, and many brown tubercles (small, tuber-like structures that form above ground) at the leaf axils. Because they are clones of the parent plant, the tubercles too produce variegated leaves. Full sun to partial shade. Perennial; Zones 5 to 10.

Many sources mention that cinnamon vine has edible and medicinal properties. Because there is conflicting information about the correct botanical identity of this plant, I cannot advise on the edibility or herbal uses.

Variegated cinnamon vine can quickly create an increasingly large patch as the bulbils drop and sprout up into new plants, to the point that it is considered invasive in many areas. I suggest keeping it in a pot set on a paved area, or in a bed surrounded by paving, so you can easily pick up and discard the dropped tubercles. Unless you are a collector of unusual variegated plants and are willing to keep this one in a site where it cannot easily spread, I advise against buying this listing.

This listing is for 10 pea-sized tubercles from September 2020, not seeds. I ship them in a padded envelope, but they are not otherwise protected from freezing temperatures, which I suspect could damage them if they are exposed too long (sitting in a mailbox for hours in extreme cold, for example). For this reason, I advise against ordering them if your area is experiencing very cold weather. If they haven’t sold out in fall, I may de-list them in winter and re-list the remainder in spring. Feel free to contact me (nan@hayefield.com) if this listing says that the bulbils are unavailable.


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