Daucus carota ‘Purple Kisses’ (Queen Anne’s Lace) [20 Seeds]


Cannot ship to Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, or Washington. Please do not try to order these seeds if you live in any of these states.

Germination Information: Sow the seeds shallowly (just barely covered with soil or growing medium). I have had equally good results from sowing the seeds in late summer to early fall or in late winter to early spring, right where I want the plants to grow. You can also start the seeds indoors, under lights, in late winter to mid spring. The seedlings don’t much like to be disturbed by transplanting, but you can usually get reasonable results if you do it while they are still small (with just a few leaves).

Note that this information will not appear on the seed packet you receive.

Please read the description as well before ordering.

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Again…I cannot ship these seeds to Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, or Washington.

‘Purple Kisses’ is a strain of Queen Anne’s lace (Daucus carota) that produces dense heads of tiny flowers in summer and fall. It is very much like the strain known as ‘Dara’ (maybe the same thing?), blooming in shades of reddish purple to purplish pink to pale pink to white on slender, branching stems with finely cut green leaves. The broad, flat-topped, long-stemmed flowers are excellent for cutting. First-year plants usually flower at around 3 to 4 feet; overwintered plants can reach 4 to 5 feet, particularly in good soil. Full sun for best flowering. Annual or biennial.

Collected in August 2023. At least 20 seeds. Shipping to US addresses (except the states listed above) only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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