Corydalis solida (Spring Fumewort) [25 Seeds]


Germination Information: I recommend spring fumewort only for gardeners with experience sowing perennial seeds with multi-cycle germination patterns (in this case, warm-cool), because it has an extended germination period and requires a good bit of patience.  Sow the seeds as soon as you get them, just barely covered, and leave the pot outdoors, keeping it evenly moist and protected from mice. Or, you could try direct-sowing in the area where you want the seeds to grow. Seedlings should appear next spring.




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Spring fumewort (Corydalis solida) is a charming spring ephemeral with deeply cut leaves and dainty, purplish to purplish pink flowers in early to midspring. It typically reaches typically 6 to 10 inches tall and makes a lovely filler around hostas, hellebores (Helleborus), early primroses (like Primula veris), and spring bulbs. The clumps go dormant by early to midsummer.

Spring fumewort is usually happiest in deciduous shade (sun in early to midspring, then shade) with average to moist (but not waterlogged) soil. Once you get it established, it is quite likely to self-sow. Zones 4-8.

I collected these seeds in the last week of May 2020. Spring fumewort tends to germinate best from fresh seeds, so I will have them available only in June and July, or until they sell out.


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