Campanula patula (Spreading Bellflower) [30 Seeds]


Germination Information: Surface-sow the tiny seeds indoors in late winter to mid spring or in a pot outdoors in late spring to mid summer. I started some indoors, under lights, on March 12 and they started to sprout on March 18. As an experiment, I also sowed some in a milk jug on February 28 and they began sprouting on April 1, so winter-sowing is another option. Once you get this species started and allow some seeds to form on the plants, it may self-sow.

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I’m always cautious of plants that have “spreading” in their name, but when seeds of spreading bellflower (Campanula patula) came to me as a gift from a trusted source, I had to give them a try, and I’m so glad I did. The plants produced low mounds of bright green leaves, then sent up slender, branching, 1- to 2-foot stems that carried single, blue-purple flowers. They began blooming in early summer and were still producing blooms in early November! Because the stems are very thin, they tend to sprawl, so spreading bellflower is not the tidiest-looking plant, but if you don’t mind it leaning on and mingling with nearby companions, I think you’ll like it too. Full sun to partial shade. Various references describe this species as annual, biennial, or perennial. About half of my spring-started plants flowered this year from an early indoor sowing, so I can confirm it has annual potential. For now, I am listing it as an annual or biennial. If my plants last more than 2 years, I will add it to the perennial category as well. I’m not sure about the hardiness range but am guessing 3 to 8, based on its natural range in Europe and Asia.

Collected in July to  September 2022. At least 30 seeds.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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