Calamagrostis brachytricha (Korean Feather Reed Grass) [25 Seeds]


Germination Information: I suggest starting these seeds indoors in spring, gently pressed into the surface of the growing medium, in a warm, bright place. Sow the seeds into cell packs, or sow them all in one pot and transplant them (in groups) to individual pots when they’re 1 to 2 inches tall. Use groups of 8 to 12 or so if you want bigger clumps faster, or 4 to 6 per pot if you want a larger number of starter plants.

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Korean feather reed grass (Calamagrostis brachytricha) is a handsome, vase-shaped, clump-forming grass that sprouts early in spring but doesn’t flower until late summer or early fall, at 4 to 5 feet tall, with fluffy, pink-tinged, silvery green plumes that mature to tan. The spiky, green foliage turns a soft yellow in fall. Full sun to partial shade. Perennial; Zones 4 to 9.

Collected in October 2020. At least 25 seeds.


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