Bupleurum rotundifolium (Hare’s Ear) [30 Seeds]


Germination Information: I highly recommend sowing these seeds directly in your garden, from late winter to mid spring. I have tried starting them in pots, and they germinated fine, but the transplanted seedlings tended to be short and scrawny-looking, even after careful transplanting. The plants from early-sown, garden-planted seeds (surface-sown) produce a much better show, and self-sown seedlings from those plants tend to be even better.

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Known variously as hare’s ear, thorough-wax, and thorowax, this unusual annual produces circular clusters of greenish yellow flowers over blue-green leaves on upright stems. It usually reaches 1 to 3 feet tall, but in rich soil, it can get about 4 feet tall. Spring-planted seeds tend to bloom in mid- to late summer; in following years, the self-sown seedlings often begin in late spring to early summer. Both the flowers and developing seedheads are interesting additions to fresh bouquets. Hare’s ear also makes a nice filler in a young perennial or mixed border while you’re waiting for the permanent plantings to settle in and spread out. It pairs well with a wide range of companions but is particularly beautiful with blue and purple flowers and purple foliage partners. Full sun to light shade. Annual.

Collected in July 2020. At least 30 seeds.


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