Asarina procumbens (Creeping Snapdragon) [15 Seeds]


Germination Information: Indoor sowing, in late winter through mid spring, seems to give the best results. Sow onto the surface of moist potting mix and gently press them in, then keep them moist until germination occurs. Sprouting may be spread out over a period of weeks. In 2022, I sowed on March 6: the first seedling appeared on March 14, the next on March 22, and others through the next few weeks. In 2023, seeds sown on March 4 began germinating on March 24. I have also tried winter-sowing on this one and did get a few seedlings (sowed on January 7 and the first seedling appeared on May 9), so that is another option. Your experience may vary.

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Creeping snapdragon (Asarina procumbens) produces trailing stems with soft green to gray green leaves and light yellow, snapdragon-like flowers that are faintly streaked with reddish purple. Blooming from early or midsummer to early or mid fall, it can flower the first year from a late-winter or early-spring sowing. The plants reach just a few inches tall and can hug the ground, trail over the edge of a retaining wall, or cascade out of a container planting. It’s very pretty along a path, but it can’t tolerate any foot traffic. Full sun to partial shade. Perennial, but you can grow it as an annual where it’s not winter-hardy; Zones 7 (maybe 6) to 8. Best where summers aren’t too hot; it’s most vigorous in cooler conditions. The plants can self-sow, so even if the original plants don’t survive the winter, the volunteers may replace them.

Collected in August and September 2022. At least 15 seeds. Shipping to US addresses only.

Please read the germination information as well before ordering.

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