Ordering Information

Before Placing Your Order

Please read the Germination Information for each seed carefully. Many of the seeds I sell through Hayefield have extended, multi-cycle germination patterns, and they require care and attention to the proper sowing time and temperatures. Some may take 6 to 9 months, over even a year or more, to sprout. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the seeds, just that they require patience.

Also please note that sowing guidelines are NOT included with the seed packets unless you request them. However, I am more than happy to email you a copy of the Germination Information for your chosen seeds; just leave me a note when you order or contact me after ordering at nan@hayefield.com.

Shipping Details

All orders are shipped to the address provided on your Hayefield order at the time of purchase. Please make sure the mailing address you provide is correct and up to date. If you would like me to send your order as a gift to a different address, without an invoice, leave a note for me when you place the order.

Orders are usually packed within a few hours and shipped out in 1 to 2 business days. The time for delivery will depend on your location.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide a secure place for package delivery. If you claim that an item didn’t arrive, but the USPS tracking information shows that the item has been delivered, Hayefield isn’t responsible for any refunds. Please contact your local Post Office directly or file a Missing Mail report through the USPS (Find Missing Mail)

Hayefield items ship only within the U.S.. Shipping cost varies by item; see the individual listings for details. (Please note that I cannot ship cotton seeds to California, Georgia, or South Carolina, per USDA restrictions.) If you live outside of the U.S. and wish to place an order, email me at nan@hayefield.com to discuss the possibility. Please be aware, though, that international shipping costs are typically very high compared to the value of the items. Some countries also have strict regulations about importing seeds and animal products.

Returns and Exchanges

It’s very important to me that you are happy with your purchase.

I collect all of the seeds I sell from the organically managed gardens, meadows, and hedgerows here at Hayefield, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I dry and clean them carefully and store them in whatever conditions are best suited to each species. I gather them from non-GMO, open-pollinated plants that are correctly identified, to the best of my knowledge. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways, though, so there’s no way to guarantee that every seed will germinate, or that the resulting plants will be identical to the photographs shown here. If you have followed the Germination Information I provided in each seed listing and are are unhappy with the results you get from the seeds you’ve bought here here, please contact me within 6 months of receiving your purchase and I will refund the purchase price (not including shipping costs).

Additional Information

Please keep in mind that the colors in the item photos you see on your computer monitor may differ slightly from the colors of the actual items.

Nancy J. Ondra holds a Seed Dealer License for 2020 from the state of Pennsylvania (number available on request). Per regulations, each packet is labeled with the plant’s name, a “packed for” date, a “sell-by” date, and my address. Sowing guidelines do NOT appear on the packets.

All text and photos on this site are copyrighted by Nancy J. Ondra.

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