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Silver, Polished

Airing of Grievance form from the Bureau of Communication

After yet another zinger of a winter storm and no near prospect of seeing bare ground again, things are getting really boring around here. I figured that it was time to take a break from the photography series and find some other excuse for rifling through my image archives, so I thought I’d indulge in another color-theme post. Right now, there’s only one predominant color: white. Well, let’s say four colors: white, black, gray, and silver. (Remember, you should be able to see larger versions of all of these images by clicking on them once or twice.)

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Just White

Persicaria polymorpha with Stipa tenusissima and Salix alba var. sericea at

The weather is still rather erratic here, bouncing from days in the 50s to a spell in the 90s in one week. It looks like the nights are staying at least above freezing from now on, though, so I can finally get busy planting out the annuals and tender things. I follow pretty much the same routine each year: first the best reds, oranges, and yellows for the main front path; purples and the rest of the reds, oranges, and yellows for the middle front path; the rest of the purples and yellow and some pinks in the far front path; pinks and blues starting around the side; and finally, whatever whites I’ve ended up with. From its rank in my planting priorities, you might guess that white isn’t a color I’m particularly drawn to, and you’d be right.

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Blue Notes

Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii' against Echinacea purpurea seedheads October 10 2010

The winter here in southeastern Pennsylvania has been relatively mild, but we’re still a long way from the lushness of summer, so it’s a good time to be looking at pretty pictures. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite blue and purple-blue flowers and combinations.

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A Study in Pink

Canna 'Pink Sunrise'

I’m as glad as other garden bloggers to see this winter’s snow disappear, but despite my best efforts, I can’t work up much enthusiasm for my mud-splashed snowdrops and wind-tattered hellebores. The idea of doing a new color-based post was much more appealing, and though pink isn’t one of my favorites,  my latest obsession – the BBC series Sherlock – provided the perfect title, and I couldn’t resist. (Delightfully, Dr. John Watson now chronicles Sherlock’s adventures in a blog, which includes his own A Study in Pink post.) So now, for your viewing enjoyment, a random selection of some pretty-in-pink flowers and foliage in portraits, pairings, and garden settings.

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Sunny Yellows

Long border with 'Lemon Queen' helianthus, Patrinia scabiosifolia, Rudbeckia fulgida, and pennisetums

Over the past week, spring has arrived here in southeastern Pennsylvania. In just a few days, we went from yucky old snow and saturated soil to 70s and perfect digging conditions. It’s tempting to indulge in a “welcome spring!” post, and I may yet do that. But on this rainy day, it seems like a good idea to continue the rainbow series with images of some favorite yellow flowers and foliage.

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Orange All Over

Zinnia Profusion Orange Oct 4 08

I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to have to sit out the next Bloom Day too, because of the ridiculous amount of snow currently blanketing everything here in southeastern PA. We’ll be lucky if this stuff melts in time for March’s Bloom Day. Well, never mind: It’s a great excuse to roll around in more color in my photo archives. I didn’t expect to find nearly as much orange as I did red for my last post, but I was happily surprised.

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Seeing Red

Front borders in red Oct 4 08

Three cheers to Rebecca of In the Garden for coming up with a great way to beat the winter blues: a “rainbow challenge.” Her suggestion was for us to post pictures of flowers in all colors of the rainbow in one post. I’m taking a slightly different angle: a series of posts, each focusing on one color. I’ve been thinking about a red post for a while, so it seemed like the perfect place to start. Here are some of my favorite images, starting with an early October shot from my front garden.

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