Category: Ruminations

On Gardens Left Behind

Hearing that several of you are in the process of leaving your current gardens and starting over in new places has gotten me thinking about the fate of gardens that are left behind, either by choice or necessity. What happens to a garden in… Continue Reading “On Gardens Left Behind”

Death Becomes Them

Misspelled words are usually either annoying or embarrassing, depending on whether you’re reading them or creating them. But every once in a while, they inspire a whole new line of thought. When I recently ran across “necrofilia” (never mind where, but really, it was… Continue Reading “Death Becomes Them”

It’s Personal – Part 2

A few weeks ago, in It’s Personal – Part 1, I started talking about some of the ways I’ve tackled the development of the gardens here at Hayefield, in response to some readers’ questions. I ended that part by mentioning that I have a group… Continue Reading “It’s Personal – Part 2”

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