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See the Movie or Read the Book – or Both!

The calendar says it’s just turned winter, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re already well on our way to spring. I used to wait until March to do my outdoor cleanup, trying to get every last bit of enjoyment out of the garden… Continue Reading “See the Movie or Read the Book – or Both!”

The Wide View

The Diagonal Path at Hayefield ~ September 2012 (click image to enlarge) A few months ago, reader Alan of It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening! posed an interesting challenge to me: to create some panoramic shots of the gardens here at Hayefield. (You can see… Continue Reading “The Wide View”

Putting Words to Pictures

Tags:  Allium ‘Mount Everest’; Stipa tenuissima;  flowers; bulb; grass; white; late spring; Hayefield; side garden; house; porch; steps; path; arch; arbor; mulch; 2011 It’s hard to imagine what garden blogging would be like if we didn’t have access to digital cameras for capturing images.… Continue Reading “Putting Words to Pictures”

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