Category: Photography

Picture This – Highs and Lows

There are no signs of spring springing around here yet, due to the brutal cold still lingering—and oh, look, more snow on the way—so it’s back to the topic of fun garden photography to find some cheering color. This time, I’m thinking about ways… Continue Reading “Picture This – Highs and Lows”

Picture This – Changing Places

It’s frigid and snow-covered here in the Arctic Pennsylvania, and the new growing season seems very far away, so it’s a good time to dip back into my photo archives and hunt for examples of different ways to keep a visual record of the… Continue Reading “Picture This – Changing Places”

Picture This – On the Spot

I’ve been a professional writer for nearly 24 years now, and a garden blogger for more than 6, so when I come up with a topic for an article or post, I usually have a pretty good idea of how long it’s going to… Continue Reading “Picture This – On the Spot”

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