Category: Garden Projects

It Started with a Cow

And it’s all Mom’s fault. She has a knack for finding quirky things that she knows I’ll like, and that’s how I ended up getting a cow for Christmas. Not just any cow: a 2-foot-tall recycled metal cow with kind of odd ears and… Continue Reading “It Started with a Cow”

Looking Forward

This has been the best gardening spring ever in my world. Sure, we’ve had some weird weather – a hot week in early April, and a late freeze in mid-May– but overall, it’s been perfect working weather. And that’s a very good thing, because… Continue Reading “Looking Forward”

The Garden Cleanup Conundrum

With all of the recent activity at Gardening Gone Wild, you folks are probably getting tired of hearing from me. But in case you’re interested, I have a guest post over at Inside Storey: The Garden Cleanup Conundrum.

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