Category: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2021

Welcome to May at Hayefield, friends! I still have a long way to go in making the most of spring plants here, but as seedlings started years ago are reaching flowering size, I’m gradually making progress. Let’s take a bit of a walkaround to… Continue Reading “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2021”

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2020

A few weeks ago, an extended cold snap that ended with a light frost on the last night of summer nearly brought the growing season here to a screeching halt before fall even arrived. Fortunately, an extensive and well-deployed collection of blankets, tarps, sheets,… Continue Reading “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2020”

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – September 2020

With so many sad things going on all over, it seems shallow, in a way, to spend time focusing on pretty flowers. Or maybe there’s no better time to appreciate the small joyful things that are happening daily. With that in mind, will you… Continue Reading “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – September 2020”

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