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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 2022

It hardly seems fair to have just one Bloom Day a month at this time of year, when so many beautiful things are coming into flower ever day. I’ve done my best to pick out a variety of highlights, but as usual, there’s a lot to see, so let’s get started! Oh, by the way, the image above is one of my favorite scenes this time of year; it includes Carthusian pink (Dianthus carthusianorum) and rose campion (Silene [formerly Lychnis] coronaria).

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2022

Hooray for the return of Bloom Day to Hayefield! I almost missed this one, as the weather finally turned perfect for planting this week, and getting hundreds of annuals in the ground for this year’s seed crop was top priority. But now, everything’s done but the containers, and sitting still to put a post together for today has been a very welcome break. I didn’t have time to grab photos of everything that looks good right now, so I tried to focus on things that I don’t usually show for this month. (Above is an abundance of wild columbine [Aquilegia canadensis], flowering here for the first time.)

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2021

The long, slow slide to the end of this growing season continues. I always figure October 10 for our average first frost, but there’s been none yet, and there’s no sign of any for the next 10 days, at least. It’s been great for ripening seeds, and the cooler temperatures have made it a pleasure to tackle some outdoor projects, as well as to simply enjoy what the garden has to offer.

So many features go into making this such a rich time of year. There are late-bloomers flowering for the first time; repeat-bloomers putting on a second show after taking a break in mid- to late summer; and long-bloomers that have looked good for months and are still going strong. There are gorgeous warm-season grasses; lovely leaves—many starting to turn showy colors; and an abundance of fruits, seeds, and seedheads. With so much going on, is it any wonder this is a wonderful time to be out in the garden? If you have time for a virtual stroll, I invite you to join me for a view of some gems this season has to offer here at Hayefield.

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