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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2016

Yes, FINALLY, we did get some rain: a few blessed inches at the end of September. We’re still about 8 inches behind for the year, and it doesn’t look like there will be more soaking rain for a while, but it was better than… Continue Reading “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2016”

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – March 2016

There’s a lot to smile about right now, that’s for sure. It’s not often that I have enough flowers in mid-March for a Bloom Day post. Our weather has been so freakishly warm–more like May or June than March–that new things are coming into… Continue Reading “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – March 2016”

Celebrating Containers

I have to admit to being something of a late arrival to the container-gardening fan club. When I look back at pictures of my previous garden, I’m surprised at how few pots I had–well, except for the hundreds of potted seedlings I raised in… Continue Reading “Celebrating Containers”

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