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Make the Most of Self-Sowers (Part 1)

  First, a big thank-you to everyone who requested seeds through last month’s giveaway. Several hundred packets have, I hope, made it to new homes around the globe. (If you sent in a request and didn’t hear back from me, or if I confirmed… Continue Reading “Make the Most of Self-Sowers (Part 1)”

From My Garden to Yours 2020

[Please note that this year’s seed giveaway ended on January 25, 2020.] This month spotlights yet another wonderful reason to work with seeds: the pass-along factor. If you’re lucky enough to have local gardening friends, sharing your favorite plants is a simple matter. For… Continue Reading “From My Garden to Yours 2020”

Consider the Source

It’s time to cover the next good reason for growing from seed: the ability to know where your plants come from. Why would you care about that when there are so many more obvious things to think about, like height, flower color, bloom time,… Continue Reading “Consider the Source”

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