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Three Neat Plants – Early May

Syneilesis from top April 30 08

I’ve been trying to think of a topic that would give me a good reason to talk about some of my favorite plants from time to time. A few plants that have recently caught my eye don’t have much in common, however, besides being perennials and having interesting foliage. “Three Neat Plants” is the best theme I can come up with, for the moment anyway. Fortunately, the plants are far more exciting than the title. Continue reading Three Neat Plants – Early May

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Back to Black Creek

[This blog has no affiliation with Black Creek Greenhouses, and I cannot provide their current hours or contact information.]

Black Creek Greenhouses

Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra

Black Creek sign

Ah, the rituals of spring: spotting the first green sprout, finding the very first flower, delighting in the first daffodil. And, best of all, plant shopping! I have a few favorite local places for my regular shopping, but at least once each spring, I take a road trip to a place I consider a plant-shopper’s paradise: Black Creek Greenhouses in East Earl, Pennsylvania. Located about a half-mile off of Route 625 in eastern Lancaster County (also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country), this glorious range of greenhouses has it all: a beautifully organized facility, incredible prices, and an amazing selection of both old favorites and cutting-edge new cultivars. So, let’s grab a cart and start shopping! Continue reading Back to Black Creek

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Making a Splash

Diervilla sessilifolia Cool Splash ('LPDC Podaras') with Sanguisorba menziesii 'Dali Marble'

Text (except where indicated) and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra

A few posts ago, I mentioned seeing a fantastic new plant – Diervilla sessilifolia Cool SplashTM (‘LDPC Podaras’) PPAF – at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Through the miracle that is the Web, an old friend found his way here to Hayefield, and it turns out he was responsible for actually getting the plants to the show, on behalf of another friend. So now, thanks to fellow variegated-plant fanatic Ron Rabideau of Rare Find Nursery and the plant’s breeder, Peter Podaras, I can now share some of the history of Cool Splash.

Continue reading Making a Splash