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Just White

Persicaria polymorpha with Stipa tenusissima and Salix alba var. sericea at

The weather is still rather erratic here, bouncing from days in the 50s to a spell in the 90s in one week. It looks like the nights are staying at least above freezing from now on, though, so I can finally get busy planting out the annuals and tender things. I follow pretty much the same routine each year: first the best reds, oranges, and yellows for the main front path; purples and the rest of the reds, oranges, and yellows for the middle front path; the rest of the purples and yellow and some pinks in the far front path; pinks and blues starting around the side; and finally, whatever whites I’ve ended up with. From its rank in my planting priorities, you might guess that white isn’t a color I’m particularly drawn to, and you’d be right.

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The Fall Color Project 2012 – Hayefield Style

Fall color at Hayefield

It’s that time of year again: time for the Fall Color Project, hosted by Dave at Growing the Home Garden. This is my fifth year participating in this event. Compared to some other years, this season’s fall colors in my part of southeastern Pennsylvania haven’t been the most spectacular. In fact, until about a week ago, I was wondering how I could possibly scrape up enough decent photos for a whole post.

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A Touch of Glass

Glass in the garden at Hayefield

For a long time, I was kind of a purist when it came to gardening: I felt that gardens should be about plants, not “stuff.” In many respects, that was just sour grapes; really cool garden art tends to be really expensive, too. Plus, I tend to get a wee bit obsessed with collecting things, so figured I’d stick with collecting plants instead of things.

But then, wouldn’t you know: I got hooked on a new kind of stuff, and I have garden blogging to blame. More specifically, a garden blogger: Pam of the blog Digging, and her beautiful blue bottle tree. After hearing me natter on about Pam’s bottle tree for a while, Mom bought me a bottle-tree frame of my very own. That started me on the hunt for neat bottles, which has since evolved into an appreciation of nice bits of glass of all kinds – not to display indoors, but to put out in the garden.

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