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From My Garden to Yours – 2015

Here it is, for the fifth time: my yearly seed-sharing spree. This is my biggest list ever, with over 160 offerings that I’ve collected from plants growing at or close to Hayefield. I’m not asking for anything in payment or trade for these, except… Continue Reading “From My Garden to Yours – 2015”

Seed Giveaway Wrap-Up

Another seed-sharing extravaganza is over, and my seed boxes are almost empty. All of the requested seeds are now divided and packed up, and many are on their way to their new homes. I’m still waiting for a few SASEs, so if you haven’t… Continue Reading “Seed Giveaway Wrap-Up”

Hayefield Highlights

I know I’m off my usual posting schedule, but with my yearly seed extravaganza already planned for next week, I just couldn’t wait  until the end of the month to announce the completion of my most recent project: Hayefield notecards. My friend and reader… Continue Reading “Hayefield Highlights”

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