Category: Better Together (Combinations)

Working with Variegated Plants

So much for Bloom Day here in southeastern Pennsylvania. We had flowers 2 weeks ago, even 3 weeks ago, but in the last week, May turned into January, and for the past few days, we’ve stayed below freezing and been buried in sleet and… Continue Reading “Working with Variegated Plants”

Matchmaking with Bulbs – Part 2

In Part 1 of Matchmaking with Bulbs, I covered some ways of choosing flowering and foliage partners to create beautiful combinations with bulbs. Another way to choose companions is consider them from a practical angle: plants that will look good when the bulbs aren’t… Continue Reading “Matchmaking with Bulbs – Part 2”

Matchmaking with Hardy Bulbs – Part 1

When I was writing The Perennial Matchmaker, my original plan was to include an entire section devoted to combinations featuring hardy bulbs, but as the pages filled up with other perennials, I was lucky to keep even a few set aside for alliums and… Continue Reading “Matchmaking with Hardy Bulbs – Part 1”

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